ABA Therapy in Cabarrus, NC

Are you seeking the best way to support your kid with autism in Cabarrus, NC? At Little Legends ABA, we are here to help you navigate the journey towards optimal education and development for your child through custom ABA therapy in Cabarrus, NC, and the surrounding areas. Our ABA therapy programs includes:

  • In-Home ABA Therapy
  • In-School ABA Therapy
  • Center-Based ABA Therapy
  • Parent ABA Training
  • Telehealth ABA Services


As parents, we understand your challenges of finding the right support and your desire to provide the best for your child with autism. With our ABA programs in Cabarrus, NC, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your child’s specific needs, and help them achieve long-term success in life. Contact us today to learn more about ABA autism therapy for children in Cabarrus, NC, and beyond!

Our ABA Programs in Cabarrus, NC

Our ABA therapy in Cabarrus, NC, includes in-home ABA therapy, in-school ABA therapy, center-based ABA therapy, telehealth ABA services, and parent ABA training, providing flexibility and effectiveness in different environments. Since ABA programs are not a one-size-fits-all solution, we tailor our approach to each child’s unique needs and goals.

Depending on what these specific goals are, our custom ABA therapy in Cabarrus, NC, helps kids with autism grow, learn, and thrive. Some of the goals that we help kids with autism work towards include:

  • Improving communication skills to enhance social interactions and expressive abilities.
  • Enhancing self-help and daily living skills for greater independence and autonomy.
  • Developing academic skills such as reading, writing, and math to support educational success.
  • Promoting emotional regulation and coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Fostering positive behaviors and reducing challenging behaviors through behavior management techniques.
  • Encouraging social skills development, including turn-taking, sharing, and making friends.
  • Building sensory integration skills to improve sensory processing and self-regulation.
  • And much more!

Get Started With Custom ABA Therapy in Cabarrus, NC

When you start with our custom ABA therapy in Cabarrus, NC, you are embarking on a journey of growth and progress. We prioritize your child’s individuality, crafting interventions that address their strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Our goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment where your child can flourish.

With our team of experienced BCBAs and dedicated therapists, you can trust that your child is in capable hands. Get started today and give your child the gift of personalized ABA programs in Cabarrus, NC, or the surrounding areas. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in your child’s life and help them thrive!

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